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October 27, 2014

We Can See Your Brains!

At Harmony Orthodontics, using our brains to solve orthodontic problems is something we do every day.  Now, with our new 3-D X-ray machine, we not only use our brains, we  can see them!


i-CAT? i-CAT what?

For the record though, this X-ray machine, called an  iCAT, has nothing to do with adorable felines.


When you or a family member gets a 3-D scan, not only can we look at your teeth from every angle, we can detect things that traditional 2-D X-rays miss! The scan only takes 20 seconds. You simply sit in a chair and the machine circles around you. There is no uncomfortable biting on plastic or cardboard.

cat biting cardboard

The I-Cat machine delivers a lower dose of radiation than having a full mouth set of traditional x-rays!  For comparison purposes, walking around outside on any given day typically exposes a person to .008 mSv (millisieverts) of radiation.  A flight from LA to London delivers .0802 mSv of radiation. A typical scan on the 3-D i-CAT machine delivers only .039 mSv of radiation! The benefits of this scan are immeasurable!  We can now see things like extra or missing teeth, airway capacity, and locations of nerves and sinuses that might affect tooth movement.   In the 5 months we have had the i-CAT machine, we have already discovered several abnormalities that we would not have been able to see with a regular 2-D Panorex machine!

Traditional 2D scanTraditional 2D X-Ray

ICAT Scan vertical

New 3D i-CAT X-Ray

Harmony Orthodontics is  committed to investing in technology that improves our ability to deliver beautiful smiles! We pride ourselves on being very thorough when discussing orthodontic treatment with prospective patients.  Now more than ever, our patients can “SIT BACK AND SMILE” knowing they are getting exceptional care at Harmony Orthodontics!